Sunday, 28 March 2010

» CR making the Fandom Take over

Yesterday I decided to go back to Crunchyroll again! ^^ actually I love the site~ there is a lot of nice people a lot of fandom and graphic! <3 Perfect place for a Nerd like me but somehow I usually cut off CR and I don't know why.. It's so saad XD going from 600 friends to 200 and something.. but I guess I deleted some of them myself.. didn't talk with them and yeah... ^^; some of them might have deleted me as well owo many CR users have the rule> please write to me once in a while or else I'll delete you.. and since I went offline pretty often I guess I got deleted xD

but I surfed around the site and found a lot of different groups and I still have to draw the Katakana chart to Japanese Crazy?.. >A< So Lazy! I already wrote all the symbols... just have to draaaw ~ I think I'll do it tomorrow because I'll stay home the whole day! Have to clean the house = 3= But I found a Katekyo hitman reborn group I just fell in love with it! but sadly it seems like it's death ;A; but I became friends with the Admin~ I hope we can have a nice chat! xD now when we both LOVE KHR.. and some of the members are really nice too! ;A; I'll have to favourite it! <33 Waiting for my membership card *A* I decided to go more online on CR too!~~ It makes me happeh to chat with people and it's a good way to kill time LOl.. xD and you find a lot of different persons~ All kinds! all over the world!

But joined a lot of new groups and added a lot of new friends~ I'm happeh that I'm not so N00b anymore~ remember back in 2006... people added me because I had a cute avii~~ xD and I just accepted all group invited and friends.. but I got some experience now~ ^^ I want to make a new Avii, be more active in the groups I'm in and make a profile and make the sites I never made~ Sometimes I feel a bit pedo when I'm on CR.. because I'm totally like~ Aww what a cute name, nice to meet you~ <3 hohoho... ÒwÓ;; I'm not a pedo ;w; i'm just a happeh girl.. sometimes too happeh maybe xD normally I am a pessimist! but I guess something changed XD

I'm in a Harvest moon Mood too! xD I guess My Bestfriend has affected me! She is in love with Vaughn and I was totally like: I TOTALLY SUPPORT YOU!! XD PLEASE INVITE ME TO THE WEDDING etc etc.. xD and then she asked if I ever was going to play it who I would marry~~ I said Denny because in the last game(Harvest moon island of Happiness) I married him xD; I actually concidered to marry Pierre because he is sooo cute! xD but I chose Denny! Then my best friend said; if it can help, there is Will as well.. He is a prince~ In the beginning I didn't knew who he was because I have never played the Sunshine islands! So she send me a link and I was just *CLICK!* HOW CUTE! I Want to marry him!! xD so I began playing Sunshine Islands~ right now I'm on Blue heart level ;A; pretty lame... with Denny I'm on Yellow Heart level~ _ 3_ Have to work harder~ *___* so because my brother didn't wanted to give me the Nintendo I searched for Will fanart which I couldn't find.. >< 2 pictures or so! ;A; Got totally depressed! but found a lot of Gill, Chase, Luke, Gray and Skye Fanart.. Didn't knew who they were.. or I read Skye was from Cute which I dropped because I couldn't figure out how it worked! 8(> 3<)8 the other guys are from the Wii game something with tree ;__; so unfair because I LOVE Gill really much because he Reminds me of Will and Spanner(KHR).. and I figure out what my Fetish is... ;A; BLUE EYES!~~ <3 TwT;; My damn weakness!! My crush has the most clear blue eyes~ *¬* I could drown in them or just stare on them forever~ ♥ 

WHY! T_T [put name here] Why are you soo damn cute! ;A; with the most charming eyes and sweetest smile -3-;; That just makes everything even more harder after the Summer vacation...

Right now my Best friend is visiting her sister~ can't wait to tell her everything~~ and of course hear how it was!! xD Now she is on a real farm~ Maybe she learned something from playing Harvest moon! xDDD

but I guess that is all for now >3<;


Mood: Hoho Happeh Happeh~ going to Wonderland! xD
Listening to: Teardrops with KG feat. Maki goto - Sweet black
Consuming: Water~ ><
Creativity: CR Avi, Profile, mini Picture and Writing a FF~
Addicted to: Harvest moon, KHR, CR and HnKnA
Doing: Homework xDD

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