Saturday, 20 March 2010

✿ Graphic Shop~

Morning Bloooog~~ ♥
Forgot about the entry and began making the Katana chart instead... ^^;;
Today the Sun shone, it gone now but I was so happy when I woke up! I got totally cheered up! And as I wrote yesterday I let the weather choose my mood~ So I'm in a totally spring time mood! Can't waaait to see the Beautiful flowers bloom and see the green colour everywhere~ Spring time has started~ *goes and changes the song Yiruma~~ ♥*

but but I made a Layout for Zaa-chan yesterday~ It really made me happy because I havn't made any graphic for a while ^^ and I am happy for not over brush it.. Like I usually do xD

Full view? ^^ Visit her blog~~ Just click on the Image!

I talked with Line-sempai too! We have to hang out soon!~~ It has been ages since we last where together~ I found her old blog on another blog~ And This was what I saw I was totally Happy~ ;w; I hope she will begin blogging again~ Love to read entries ♥ Good way to kill time~

I began thinking that I missed to make graphic~ and after I worked with Celia-chan's blog layout too~ I began thinking~ Maybe I should make some kind of Graphic shop~~ Which remind me of when Desirée finds a picture I have to make one for her too~ if she wants to blog again ^^ Was a bit surprised that Celia-chan didn't choose a JE picture for her design owo; I have guessed on Morning Musume or Hey! Say! Jump~ But Doraemon is cute too! ♥ So I will try hard to make a beautiful Blog layout!

I may change my blog layout soon too because I want a Sakura Theme when the Hanami Appears. So I will make a pink sakura theme or a Blue sakura Theme! But I don't know which picture I should choose as header.. ><; Thinking about not having any images or choose an old picture from the year before last year~ Or just edit the Mihoshi Belphegor sakura speciel layout a little~ Because I think it turned out pretty well! xD Hmm I will wait and see~ ><; I think I will open the Graphic shop/Request~ ^^ The only thing I don't want to work with is creepy animals and porn... ><; HATE SPIDERS.. so scaaary~~ ;A; I will put a Link in the Menu~~ Maybe called Graphic or something >< and I will have to think about how people Request o__o of course they could just mail me or something but don't want spaaam mails ;A;''' I will find a solution so please just waiiit~~ ^^

Don't Want to say goodbye to Desirée's Starfish layout! ;A; The starfish is so SUPER cute ♥ ♥ ♥ Want to eat it >0<

but for now~ またね、リーちゃんはグラフィックをするのことが大好きです ★ ☆ ★

Mood: Spriiing time~
Music: TEAR DROPS with KG feat. MAKI GOTO - Sweet Black
Consuming: Nothing
Creativity: Again Blog layout
Addicted to: 音楽 ♥
Doing: Greating a Graphic Shop~

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