Tuesday, 30 March 2010

»Shoooopping TIME! ★

Yesterday I went out shopping with some girls from my class!~~ We had a lot of fun walking around in the mall "Field's". I regret not taking my camera with me ;A; *looking in the closet...* my mother took it with her to China... T___T So mean she just left without me, I really wanted to go there~ *W*

but yeah when I came to the mall (The others met before), we looked in almost all the clothes shop like: Only, H&M, Vila, Deres etc etc.. xD Happeh that I missed MATAS.. xD don't like make up! xD but everytime me and Natacha go to Field's we always buy the most pwnsome Milkshake! *A* It tastes so good and there is so many different flavours! Like; strawberry, Chocolate, mango, raspberry, Vanilla, banana, caramel, etc. xD This time I took Rapsberry! Next time I WANT Vanilla or chocolate~ *A* Caroline took those two this time and I tasted it! sooo good ;w; They have the best milkshake! maybe sometime too sweet! xD I LOVE LOVE LOVE café Shake it!~ totally American café. There benchs are baby pink and the shop itself is light blue~ love the colours and there is a Elvis presley and marilyn monroe statues~ or figures!

After we drank milkshakes we looked on shoes.. I am never going to be a normal girl.. I don't like make up, I'm not addicted to shoes xD but I LOVE LOVE LOVE accessories~ Hair bows, hair clips, hats, jewellery etc.. I just don't wear them! xD The new shop, Make up store is open! XD They have make up yes.. but the only think I was interested in were the nail art stuff and Nail polish xD <3 i LOVE Nails and Hair.. xD only appereance that I think of~

As we walked around the mall Natacha, caroline and Anja bought a lot of things and I just walked by their side not buying anything at all! xD but at last I bought two pair of trousers or leggings! xD The one was Black and the other was blue Jean a like! xD I am really missing some pant! D: I usually only wear skirts! xD
The best part was they were not expensive! 134 DDK for booth pair! xD <3 LOVE~ <3 but I don't know if the blue pair suit me! ><; they are too long but one size smaller were too short.. xD I have a weird height.. or NOT! I will wait to my mom comes home and ask her what she thinks! xD I can always refund them if it don't suit at all~ xD

but Yeah that was a funny day!~~ Hope we can do it again.. NOT SOON ;x; Exams... but yeah do it again~~ I talked with Natacha about Wednesday(tomorrow) about the Cinema~ We are going to watch the Bounty hunter! xD Can't Wait~~

but later today, I am going out shopping with Celia-chaan~ <33 Waaaaiting~ ;w; She is not in Copenhagen yet and I can't waaait~ TwT

and and and <3333 Thursday I'm going to Odense to see Desirée Again <33 *W* Totally excited! xD <333 Can't wait to see her again!~~ we are going to have so much fun! owo~~ *DIIIIES* We are going to freaaak so much <3 xD

That is all for now! x3 I'm going to write later about the shopping trip with Celia-chaan <3

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