Saturday, 20 March 2010

☾ Believe in the Magic~

Today I was surprised over the weather. I usually say that I'm connected to the weather. Just for fun. but Recently I began believe it more and more for each day.
I Used my Tarot cards, read my horoscope and read 'Fortune of the day'. It suited me almost perfectly! o__o It usually does. so surprising! >< I think I will begin Study it~ Even though I know it's superstition, I find it kind of interesting ☆
I Think I will let the weather decide my mood, because it usually suit pretty well!
☂ Today it rained! I love rain~ 雨が大好きだよ! ♥ It's so refreshing like washing all your worries away~ I Love sunshine too! I think the only weather I don't like it storm and sometimes thunder ><;
I will make time to play the Piano ^^ I haven't touched my keyboard for so long~ I will start tomorrow!
I feel Happy Today and to be honest I don't know why maybe because It's Raining or maybe because the weather told me the truth ^^ I am superstitious~ Believe in Magic and mysterious thing~ I am also happy because it isn't snowing anymore even though I LOVE snow too xD! Today was a bright day! ^^ I went out shopping in the Rain! OwO but I did not buy anything~

I forgot my purse.. ;A; but looking at the shops where funny too!~~ There is a new bottle for Ramune! ^^ The old one was prettier~ and C.C Lemon TwT I waaaant it! Love the taste of Lime/Lemon~ Second stop where at Faraoh's Cigar! There were some good mangas I wanted to buy~~ ;A; a lot actually.. but I think I will take it slowly!~ I dropped Fantask to lazy to go there ^^; but I looked at some clothes shops~ I know where to buy the next Dress! OwO;; Lol but then I just returned home.. the Piano ending concert, it was fun ^^ I talked with a professional drawer~ but I did not play.. because I didn't felt like it and I don't regret it!
The cakes were good~ *A* I want to bake when I come home~ Which should I bake? Chocolate or Lime or dream or something totally different!? i will wait and see ^^

I talked with a friend about magic~ My favourite magical words are: Star, Magic(of course), Moon, Snow and melody~ Hmm owo; Can't remember anymore~

That's all for today! XD

Mood: It's Raining ♪
Music: ナチュラルに恋して - Perfume
Consuming: Pear Juice
Creativity: Blog Layout~
Addicted to: Raaaain~
Doing: Playing HnKnA and Chatting~

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