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۩ Alice in Wonderland 3D

when I first read about the Movie I got totally excited! and something surprised me! I didn't knew that the Mad hatter was the maincharacter.. or that is what was written in the magazine I got. I really think I fall in love with the Mad hatter character, he was so kind and still so Uhm.. Mad.. but I like the fact that he is mad.. If someone shoould make a hat for me it should be the mad hatter! Actually I have my own mad Hatter!~ <3 He is not a professionel Hatter but He can make small cute Lolita hats!~ I hope he will make one for me too! I know I wrote he all the time but The mad hatter I know is a girl in cosplay! but that don't matter! A Hatter is a Hatter! I made a rime! OWO YEAAH ME!... okay maybe not! I saw the movie in 3D and when the Jabberwocky appeared I died... It was so close, I might have screamed if it was not because the hall was almost full. The people behind me laughed all the time and commented a lot.. not that I didn't but I do not think people could hear me when I commented something.

I saw the movie together with my little brother~ His friend said it had a bad plot. I think that too.. If I understood the plot right.. I guess it was; Alice should kill the Jabberwocky.. BORING.. but I LOVED THE MOVIE and the actors were really good at acting the characters.. *A* If there come a second movie I will go and watch it.. but after all Tim Burton is my favourite instuctor~

My favourtite charaters are: The mad hatter(Johnny Depp), Cheshire, Alice, Caterpillar and The white Queen(Anne Hathaway).
Like I wrote before.. I love the mad hatter, he just have nice personality.. not the hottest but I still think I fall in love with the character~ I would love to have a friend like him! ^^~~ Cheshire is just brilliant.. The way he 'swims' in the air.. coming out of nowhere~ I love his eyes~ the colour is so magical~ If I should have a pet it would be a cheshire~ *A* Alice.. yeah because she is THE alice.. xD I don't know I just like her.. or maybe she shouldn't be a favourite just a liking character.. owo;; and the White queen I just think she is pretty cool and so beautiful~ I love the caterpillar(Abosolom?) because he is a smoking caterpillar which is totally clever LOL.. hmm I think it is snape from Harry potter who dub him owo; I think the Live action is SO much better than the Disney cartoon not that I do not like the cartoon I still love it the real movie is just so much better!

BANZAI!.. Uhm.. If you don't know what Alice in Wonderland The real movie is then here comes a short review:
Alice is a 19 years old girl. Since she was 6 years old she always had the same dream/nightmare. About a Wonderland, where the weirdest thing happened like cats smiling. Many years later Alice's father passes away and She is invited to a garden party where Hamish(one of her father's partner's son) proposes to her. Suddenly she see a white rabbit with a waistcoat and rushes after the rabbit.
She follows the rabbit to an old tree and suddenly she falls down a hole. The hole leads her to a strange room which a lot of doors. She finds a key but the key does not suit any of the doors. Then she find a little door the key suit perfectly but she is too big to enter. Then she find a drink that makes her smallere and a cake which increase her size. After shrinking and entering the door she find herself in a enormous garden area. She does not know where she is but infront of her is the white rabbit, the Dormouse, the Tweedles and some talking flowers. The Dormouse is sure the white rabbit has mistaken the 'Alice'. Alice is not sure but explain that her name is Alice but she does not think she is the right 'Alice'. So they take her to Abosolom who shows them a scroll which details regarding the history of Wonderland. The Past, the present and the Future. The scroll claims that on the Frabbulous Day, Alice will return to slay the Jabberwocky. Alice is now in Wonderland and her Future has been choosen. Her adventure begins here..

I really cannot make a short Review.. I'll go on a little more and then post a link where I got the synopsis.. because I am so bad at writing reviews! and I HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE I am just tired so I can hardly remember anything.. ^^;

Alice sees this, and adamants that she is not the person in the scroll. Suddenly they are attacked by the Knave of Hearts and some red-carded soldiers. Alice runs for her live believing it is a dream. Some ways off, Alice encounters the Tweedles again, who attempt to help her, but are soon captured by a giant bird that takes them to the Red Queen's castle. Then Alice encounters the Cheshire Cat. Cheshire leads her to the Mad Hatter's place, where she meets the Dormouse again, as well as the March Hare. The Mad Hatter is pleased to see Alice. but short time after the Knave of Hearts is close by. Then the Hatter choose to stuff Alice into a teapot, to hide her from the Knave. -___- I do not make sense.. next time I will just copy paste.. that is why you only should write in your native language.. you can call this an exercise or an opportunity for me to practice~

The whole History

I want to read the original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis carrol too, I somehow think I will understand the whole story much better if I do!

Other Names: Alice in Wonderland..
Author: Tim Burton
Same author: Corpse bride, sweenty todd, Edward scissorhands etc.
Ranking: ★★★★☆
Type: Movie
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Links: [x] [x]
Favourite: The mad hatter, Cheshire, Alice, The Caterpillar and The white Queen

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