Thursday, 11 March 2010

»BFF Is back ♥

I am so happy! ;A; My BFF is back from her vacation.. I really can't wait to ask her about; how is was and stuff! >< It was so weird that she wasn't online at night and I couldn't sms her. I am so used to she always stays late up together with me!~ and we chat about so many different noble things~ sometimes even JE and news.. even though I don't love them I want to do anything for my BFF. I will definitely try my best to 'love' them. Actually the truth is I don't HATE them and neither dislike them.. They are just not my favourites.. and I am not so obsessed about them. but that does not mean I can't talk about their music, watch videos, and read FF and stuff.. I have a lot of friends who love JE and sometimes I talk about JE with them too, watch some videos and tell them what I think and sometimes I fangirl too.. I LOVE Yamashita Tomohisa's Loveless song *A* and I think Yamapi is pretty awesome in his own way.. xD I am just not obsessed.. I really love my BFFs and I will do almost everything for them.. even try to understand what they think and their likings~ They means so much to me. ^^ I don't know if you guys read my entries but if you feel like you want to tell me anything or think I do something that annoys you. Just tell me alright? I PROMISE not to freak out and abandon you guys because you guys are just like sisters for me~ ♥ So don't worry~

If my BFFS isn't to stressed or busy, I am still anxious to watch Alice in Wonderland with them! I think they will enjoy the movie really mich, just like I did.. like I wrote before I already watched it, but I don't mind watching it again and especially not if it is with my BFFs! I miss them so much! I haven't seen them for so long almost a quarter of a year. so Once we all are online on MSN I want us to decide a date where we can go watch the movie!~ ♥ I could sms too but then I am pretty sure I won't get an answer or the answer will come after 3 days =A=;; I am so impatient.

Even though we don't chat so much anymore or the chat dies easily~ I still do my best for the chat NOT to die.. I know lately I haven't tried that much like I usually do.. I will pay more attention! ^^ Trying harder and listen careful to what they have to say.. Even though it is not always they look very interested in what I have to tell. but I think it is fine.. That is why I like forums.. even though my english is bad I still do my best too.. and usually the forum members understand me ♥ Makes me so happeh!~ They don't live near me and probably never get to meet them I still think of them as Friends! ♥ but right now I don't have to worry because:

1. I think after we have watched the AIW maybe we are going to open the AIW rpg again ^^ ♥ I really hope.. because I am becoming totally AIW addicted ^^;; and that will be a topic we all can talk about together ^^ ♥
2. My BFF is back from vacation~ we can talk about that too!
3. We can talk about The drama Marmalade~ xD (Desirée's name for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ♥)
4. Maybe we can talk about Hana yori Dango too.. Arashi have made the openinges afterall! ^^

Can't wait to my BFF come online again! ^^ to be honest I have been pretty busy thinking but right now I can really feel how much I actually Missed her ^^ I am so Much going to GLOMP her when she log on or maybe I will send her a sms! ♥

That is all for today... this entry should really be posted yesterday but I came home too late.. so I did not get premission to go on the computer D: but now I came out with my feelings.. >> SCHOOL DAY = FUCKED UP LIKE ALWAYS! but I keep remind myself it is almost over~

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