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✖Weekly updates

Okay first~ I'm only going to tell a little about what happened in each episode/chapter/Update and say my opnion about it.. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Shugo Chara Dokki Dokki

Type: Anime
Number: 22
Link: Episode

Of course there was Shugo chara Pucchi pucchi first! The first one was Chin, ton, Shan with Temari~ She should turn Ran, Miki, Su and Iru into a Yamato Nadeshiko(Perfect girl/lady) I laughed my ash of.. xD After Watching the Drama Yamato Nadeshiko it just pops out everywhere.. also when I listened to music suddenly my Itunes showed: Yamato Nadeshiko xD It MAGIC! or maybe not.. xD The song was a Shugo chara Orginal Soundtrack Guess whos... Fujisaki Nadeshiko/Nagihiko's.. I think It's more Nadeshiko than Nagihiko because it when Nadeshiko dances... (I know they are the same person.. ><)

Then the Operation Let Hikaru laugh! xD He actually tried.. xD He LOOK SO EVIL! just like Tadase chara change xD He will be a perfect King and "descendant" to him! Hikaru Gambatte I KNOW YOU CAN SMILE!! ^__^ I TRUST YOU! Amu and Rikka were surprised when they saw it! xD Those episodes are too short! D: hmm I guess how Hikaru's Shugo chara will turn out like?! OWO; can't wait to see~~ and LOL Hotaru-chan is afraid of height! and how can Hikaru not shout when he ride a rollercoaster?! I would DIE like HELL!~~ and the mirror house WHUT?! Hikaru you are too clever! xD just look at the mirror and laugh! But I Miss Ikuto! after they ride the teacups I missed him a lot! IKUTO COME BACK TO AMU AND MAKE SOME AMUTO! ;A; I want to fangirl~~ please?! ;w; I hope he will return to Japan soon, and that he maybe will find his father could be soo cool! hmm and what about Utau given up on ikuto?! I hope there will be more Kutau and Rimahiko.. but the characters we see the most is Amu, Rikka and Hikaru D: and sometimes Nagihiko owo; I LOVE HIKARUXRIKKA and they are so close! ;A; <3 Rikka please stay by Hikarus side Itsumo! l3 There have been a lot of moments too! like holding hands, Rikka blushing etc. I think they will make a cute couple, especially if they become the new King and Queen~ *O* *imagine* Aww! Can't wait see that happening next. I was wondering about the X-eggs in Rikka's room. They didn't looked happy, I'm worried about they would do something terrible to Rikka! D: PLEASE DON'T DO! hmm or maybe amu will help remove the x on them! Let us wait to next week!

Mahou Sensei Negima

Type: Manga
Number: 281
Link: Chapter

Okay the last 3 weeks I have not read Negima but today I did read them all and yeah.. I cried.. Graig, Aisha, Cheif, Tosaka, Rakan disappeared they didn't die just disappeared.. Poor Nodoka, Ako and Natsumi-chan! The one who helped them when they first came to the Magic world/old world, just disappeared. but thanks to Nodoka-chan's artifat she found out that she could bring them back and how to save the world, meanwhile Negi, Chisame and Fei just found out that the Asuna they are together with is fake, or a illusionist or a person who can change appearance and take the persons personality! Of course we as reader knew it long way before, but negi just found out! They are right now in 4 groups if I remember right. Negi, Chisame and Fei. Paru(Haruna), Chachamaru and Sayo. Asuna, Mana, Yue and Misora. and the others like Setsuna, Kazumi, Kaede, Yuna, Akira, Ako etc. Team Haruna are on their way to the meeting place and we see for the first time Chachamaru use her adeat! Looks cute and have a cat gun! and I'm so Happy that Yur remembered everyone and Nodoka again!~ Yue and Nodoka is my favourite friendship couple after all! ^^ The manga is just being more and more confussing~ Can't wait to next chapter!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Type: Manga
Number: 280
Link: Chapter

As we saw in chapter 279 Uni and Gamma disappeared! ;A; I was crying again.. because I really like Uni a lot and actually I think UnixGamma is a cute couple! Gamma liked Unis mother too so it's so cute! but I would still wish for them to come back! Everyone were so sad and so was I Uni is my favourite girl together with Chrome Dokuro in KHR so of course I would be sad if she died/disappeared. I would make a update on the Anime too but I haven't watched all the newest episodes yet.. Too many and too long~ The worst is that I haven't seen the Arcobanelo missons yet.. My brother told me It was really funny and I read on Reborn Wiki that Belphegor is going to help Mammon/viper with his misson and they are going to be girls! <33 I'm going to fangirl that girl too only because it's Bel in disguise~ Okay maybe not.. because she don't look like him at all.. and I can't believe it... Byakuran is gone.. I LOVED HIM SO MUCH.. the way he always smiled and said Shou-chan and ate his marshmallow... why the name.. Marshmallow please come back.. but yeah it would be totally lame if he suddenly changed side. but Byakuran wasn't evil, he was just a boy who was bored and wanted to have something to do. and of course we are humans and we disire a lot. He just chose the world domination. but I'm happy that he could die with a smile.and he only died in the future.. there is still hope for byakuran. Shoichi can go back to the past and make sure he won't be evil~ and make sure he won't meet the cervello~ The future act is going to end soon and I don't think KHR end after that. Me and my brother talked about a future act 20 years later.. but of course they return to the past have some rest and happy days but then maybe cervello or the persons behind Cervello will take over Byakurans power or do something themselves. They are everywhere and always on the enemies side. Something about the Cervello isn't right! So I'm really excited to see what happens in the next chapter of KHR!~~

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Type: Dorama
Number: 8 unsubbed
Link: Episode

Notice! I saw the episode unsubbed so I could have misunderstood something.. I'm not japanese or speak japanese after all.
Ranmaru's childhood friend, who was the first girl to turn him down(?) is visiting the boarding house. And she has a cold glance! LASER BEAM! OwO; Poor Sunako who have to serve her tea!~ Kyohei decides to go see his family again after taking Sunako to a meadow, where his mom usually took him when their house was surrounded by girls. When Kyohei meet her mother again, she apologizes for what happened in the part. Kyohei invites his parents to dinner/Lunch at the boarding hause. He ask Sunako to teach him making fried shrimps(not sure if I'm right?) In the meanwhile Ranmaru found out he is going to be enganged with his childhood friend(who I didn't got the name on ><;) and of course he just shout out "NOOOOOO" that would be the end of flirting~ then a night the guys and the girls seperate~ the 4 guys went to the café to drink and talk about Their problems and what Ranmaru should do(?) The girls(Sunako, beamgirl and Noi) are in Sunakos Room and Noi are making them Drinking! I guess they talk about Ranmaru and Beamgirl, Sunako and Kyohei and Noi and Takenaga. I think Machiko should be there too! D: The next day Ranmaru goes on a date(?) with Beamgirl, Beamgirl isn't that cold toward him, but when another girl kisses him(don't know reason) the beam girl is hurt and runs away and poor Ranmaru is sitting there alone in the restaurent. Maybe a little bit hurt too?~ In the boarding house Kyoheis mother come and Kyohei has made the food!~ They eat and talk a little but suddenly the mother get a flashback(?) and remembered when the surroundedness and when they went to the meadow to get some peace. She is going mental down and get to the hospital.. End~ o__o I think the subs will come soon~ then I can found out if I understood everything~ btw couldn't take any pictures.. bad quality and I didn't knew what to take pictures of.. ><;

That's all for Weekly uppdate this time~ ;A; Took so long and it was hard to whrite so much.. ><; See you Next week Again Deshuu!~~ From the Haru no Haru haru interview Dangerous!~

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