Wednesday, 24 March 2010

» Japan ♥

Maybe I'm going to JAPAN OWO!!!! ~~ ♥
My mom's boyfriend is maybe going and he said he would like to take me with him! So HAAAAAPPPEEEH! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ So many thing I want to see again and buy *A*

but first Easter holiday!! ^^ I'm so excited~ Celia-chan is coming to Copenhagen and we are going to hang out, shopping and having so much fun together! I totally look forward to it! xD but first I have to do all my crazy boring homework ;A; So Unfair! but I hope I can finish them in the coming Weekend so I can make time to hang out with my friends! ^^ ♥ and my brother and me are going to be with our father because my mom has just left me.. or she took on vacation to China ;A; I wanted to go so baaad~ but I guess it's okay ^^ She said she would bring souvenirs~ ^^ looking forward to it! ♥

Today I totally died today! >///< I talked with my crush today! xD We have pretty much in common~ Which surprised me! He is going to the Roskilde festival! xD He Likes Gorillaz too!~ If I remember right He was going with his friend! xD maybe I should join them? xD I Love Gorillaz music.. or actually I Love almost kind of music!~ Veryy Open minded!~~

but That's all for now I guess~ Happeh Easter! ^^

Mood: DYING 8(X///X)8
Music: Yugioh something rose Theme song
Consuming: Nori Maki Arae
Creativity: Still drawing The katakana chart and Making cosplay
Addicted to: Nothing right now
Doing: Draaawing~

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