Sunday, 14 March 2010

» Happeh White day

Today is White day! So Everyone Happeh White day! ^^
Of course you are not Happy on White day if your Valentine day f*cked.. but yeaah the truth is I made a deal with Thien about Chocolate. I should give him some on valentine and he should give me some today, but because of our distance.. I couldn't D: So no Chocolate for Lina! ;A; but I hope you other guys got some delicious chocolate (I don't like chocolate that much Ow<

Want to say sorry for not updating the Weekly updates... >< This Weekend I just didn't feel like it.. but I read KHR and MSN~ <3 ^^ So Cute and good and sad and Happy making etc etc.. xD I haven't watched Yamato or Shugo chara ;A; but I hope I can do it in the coming week~ I have to focus on School >< Exams are not that far away any more ;A; and everything is totally nervous making.. *FREAKING OUT* and I still have to buy Myth >< WHEN DO I HAVE TIME FOR THAT?! THE HKA RPG?! THE SVSCON etc etc.. TWT A day has too few hours.. TwT I hope I can register to Svscon this week ><; and I don't know which subject I should choose for the dispositions... and I have to clean up everything in the house and delete my Computer if Julie and Desirée are going to stay at my house. ;A; I cannot even write proper english.. ;A; CHAAAOS.. I hope everything will turn out fine tomorrow ^^;; To much Stress it bad for the health. ^^;

I just came home from the Cinema~ I watched The Lovely bone together with Natacha~ I became a bit Paranoid.. It is so creepy that some people have murdering as a hobby.. and I am really sensitive when it comes to thrillers and Horror.. TwT The movie wasn't that Scary.. I'm just a weakling.. ^^; and I am scared of death.. I'm not going to add it to Library because I don't want to go in details about it ;A; Want to forget it so soon as possible.. The next week I'll go around having paranoia ^^; But the movie was really good~ and really romantic.. if you forget the heartattacks xDD and of course Natacha was freaking out about the corpse.. xD and I was freaking out about the Goddamn Murder and the sister etc etc.. >< I hid my face twice because I became to scary after my opinion, or not scary but disgusting. but I recommend it to people with not too sensitive souls as myself.. xD
because the story is good and the background images are really beautiful *A* A Mix between fantasy and real life. between Day and Night and Mountain and sea~ but sometimes there are stormy weathers and other frighten effect which make it spooky.

I went for a walk with my Mother and brother earlier. We went around the bog. There was mud everywhere >< Disgusting.. but I was so happy that the sun was shining. Walking aroung the bog did really bring back memories. And when we walked through the moat thing.. don't know what it is called in English It really did bring back old memories from the after-school centre and when my parents still were together. We sat there eating, playing and enjoy yourselves. Now we are unusually together as a family. but I really did enjoy the walk ^^ Even though my ears was frozen and my whole body itched. The mix between cold and warm make the body react weird.. ><; So on the way home I was scratching myself the most of the time xD It was worst on the legs and on the waist.. T^T I remember it happened often in the After school centre, because I was always outsite no matter what. I LOVE my After-school centre it was the best time of my life. So careless and so much fun ;A; I wish I could go back ^^; but of course I know that it is impossible.. I can only save the memories deep inside my heart~

Yesterday my brother and I went to the cinema.. (Yeaaap This week was the Cinema week, xD.. and maybe I am going to the cinema again tomorrow..) We saw Percy Jackson and the thunderthief. English title way cooler than the Danish.. Lyntyven?.. is it a fast thief or is it a thief who stole thunder?!.. oh btw the movie is about the greek mythology and it is the same instructor as the Harry Potter movie 1 and 2 if I remember right, The something stone and secret room or so. xDDD I actually think the movie was okay >< Of course it could be better! xD The only shock making thing was the Teacher X___X Medusa wasn't that bad and the minotauer(?) wasn't bad either... I wanted to see more Water.. I mean Percy(Perseus) Is Poseidon's son afterall.. I really have to pull myself together and read about the greek mythology! Especially if I want to watch Clash of titans with my brother.. >< but I think I will faint before we go into the cinema! >< loooks sooo Scaaaary.. but yeah Percy Jackson and the thunderthief the story is a bit lame.. REALLY.. but I still think it was good xD LOL.. Can't be helped I guess..

Tomorrow maybe I will go watch The Sherlock Holmes movie! >< I always wanted to see it but never had time to >< I don't think I have time to watch it.. that why the internet is your best friend LOL.. XD Natacha said she would borrow me 2012 xD So that is my first movie Goal! *_____*~ Hehe~~ I have to say goodbye to the Princess and the frog and father to four on Japanese(Far til fire på Japansk) too xD but I think I will be fine.. To many movies just manipulate my mind too much xD NO MORE CINEMA for a while.. NO MORE MOVIES!! unless 2012 of course! xD So when I should meet Julie and Desirée we might do something else than Watching movies and sit in front of a computer.. xD I am living in the city afterall there are a lot of things we can do! xD We just have to be creative!~


I'm done with HKA Rpg layout That is all for now! xD Lina has spammed here~~

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