Wednesday, 3 March 2010

»Be honest to yourself

If you are Angry, then Scream
If you Sad, then Cry
If you are happy, then smile
If you regret something, then redo it
If you are hurt, then make your pain disappear
If you feel sorry, then apologize

No matter which feeling you have, be honest to yourself , then you can find a solution.

Sometimes I really should listen to myself. I am not honest to myself at all. I always smile, when I am hurt. I always cry when I feel happy, I act cold and strong when I'm weakest.. All those emotions all mixed together it's so confusing. HATE TO BE A TEENAGER... even small things can make a huge difference. Right now i'm pretty tired so I can't remember what I was going to write.. I thought of it the whole day. I am really beginning to enjoy to blog. It's like writing diary and I love doing it. Just too lazy and tired when I do it.. but today I was really happy. I went to school and everything were just cool. Maybe because the girl I hate the most wasn't there. She is on a trip~ in the school time... BAKA BAKA! ^^; Or that is just my opinion.. todays classes weren't that bad either.. or maybe the 7th period was a bit hard... we have so many english lessons at the moment.. I'm tired of it This week we had:
6-8-8-9-7 periods a day... So Tired... I'm so exited for weekend because on friday my brother and me are going to the cinema~~ We are going to watch Alice in Wonderland - by Tim burton! I'm looking forward to it so MUCH! A girl from my class is going to see it tomorrow with her family.. I somehow think she just do it to annoy me because I talked about it for sooo long... and in the lunch break they called me a hikikimori Just because I told them about the Drama I have been watching recently.. they said I'll be just like the main character Nakara Sunako.. more info in ►Dorama scroll down

I was to Japanese today too~ Again it was only me and Zarah-chan! It was so much fun we read Urashima Tarou. Y'know the story which is mention in Love hina~ No? don't know? It's about Urashima Taro who saves a turle and then the turtle bring him to the underseas princess. He stays there for a period and when he comes back to his hometown His house is gone and everything is changed.. Somehow he was undersea longer than he thought. The story is actually really good~ Read it here~

WAAA! I don't want Zaaa-chaaan to leave me next year ;A; Then who am I supposed to have fun with?! Zaa-chaaan Don't LEAVE! TWT OR AT LEAST SEND HANA-CHAN IN YOUR PLACE! I'll be so lonely T^T

I chose to put the version together or try to find another way to do it... else I'll reach 20 or more pretty fast ><; Yeah Otaku VER. 1000002.. That will make it too much.. ;A; It's not like I'm telling about a new manga/anime everytime that's why I'll put them together.. maybe some days there might be something I can do.. or maybe I'll just remove the Ver. thing ;A; I'll put versions on the Design instead! ^^; I'll think of a solution don't worry! OR! I could try to make a skillbar so it's easier to read.. Okay Not... I'll find out!...

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