Friday, 5 March 2010

»New site up!

As you can see I put up a new design my BFF made for me! Please visit her blog Cuteclownfish Thanks you so much Desirée <3 We have something with Fish at the moment xD I'm a starfish or sometimes I am a Golden gold fish! OwO; we call each other fishes just for fun... usually people with bad memory are called goldfish because goldfish forget things easily.. I actually have a pretty good memory xD I just like goldfish! they are so Cute! Once my BFF called herself KawaiiPandaQueen(Cute Panda Queen) and when I made a pokemon account somewhere, all the names I wanted was taken ;A;! but yeah so I would call myself Goldfish/Starfish because we had that fish-thing..xD In the beginnning I didn't think of a starfish as a starfish... I LOVE STARS so I just thought> A STAR SHAPED FISH CALLED STAR FISH! OWO; but when I searched on google my mind say CLICK! there is already a starfish.. xD; Stupid me.. but then I thought of KPQ and wanted to make a name which sounded like that so I thought of Kawaiistarfish! xD so I just copied my friend but she said it was okay.. and then the name Cute Clown fish came as well.. she think she is a clown who is clumsy and stuff but I don't think she is! D: but the clown fish is beautiful so It's okay!

If you know the Disney Movie Finding Nemo, Nemo and Marly(His dad) are clown fishes.
xD when I saw it again I called it Finding Desirée(My BFF's Name) LOL.. xD So yeah she is a clown fish I am a Starfish and our 3rd BFF is a HATEfish.. She don't like fishes ;A; She could be a turtle or something not that fish like.. ^^; Right now she is on holiday but I'll ask her when she comes home which fish she want to be.. maybe a ILOVETESSHI fish! xD; <3

But Thanks to her for making the Design.. L LUV YOU! <3 :3 The starfish drawing in the bottom is REALLY CUTE! <3 please take a look~ <3 I am thinking of making a sakura spring layout in April or maybe before~~ I said to Julie(my second BFF) that I would make her a Layout if I got graphic bored~ so let's see in the weekend~~

Me and my brother talked about going in the cinema and watch Alice in Wonderland tomorrow! Soo tomorrow I'll tell ya about it! I think it will be the FIRST Library entry!~ ^^ IT looks so good ;A; <3

I'm btw making a new version Called ✖ Weekly Updates~ I WONT make a Otaku version and Dorama version each week when the series are updated I'll just do it in the weekly updates~ :3 It might be at friday or saturday~ depends on when the chapters episodes comes out.. KHR(Katekyo hitman reborn) came out today, shugo chara tomorrow and I don't know with Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi henge with Subs.. xD; but I think it will be tomorrow this week! ^^

but about today! I have a crush on a guy, and I have had the crush in almost 2 months and I don't want it to be love.. because I know after the Summer vacation I won't see him anymore so please just let it be a crush which disappear soon! ;A; I DON'T WANT IT TO TURN INTO LOVE! but I feel really happy when he smile to me and talk to me, my heart isn't beating but I just get the warm feeling~ Could be friendship too but I don't really talk to him even though I wanted to. He's good at drawing graffiti and have humour! ^^ But He is smoking and acting cool infront of his friends but he is relaxing and know where the limit is for teasing.. he tease me a lot because I'm an Otaku ><;; but sometimes I think it's fun too. When he acts cool he isn't a B*tch just a bit impertinent and teasing more than usual. Sometimes he send me weird glance but it is something I can overcome!.. Please let this only be a crush which disappear soon!~~

UPDATE NEW SITE IN THE MENU~~ LAYOUTS!~ Please take a look~ ♥ どもありがとうございます!

Btw Have a nice Weekend Minna-chaaaan!~

Mood: Hyper 8(>w<)8
Music: Lost my pieces - Toradora OST
Consuming: Nothing
Creativity: Drawing~
Addicted to: Graphic
Doing: checking homework ;A;

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