Tuesday, 9 March 2010

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Today was TOTALLY BORING! The two first lessons we did not have a teacher or a substitute! We were looking at NOTHING!... *siigh* Do not know If I mention it before but the person I dislike in my class are returning from her vacation... and today I really felt the difference.. now when she is back my classmate(we are not that many girls in my class and there is only 2 of them I actually talk to.. The others do not understand me. It is like if we lived in two different worlds) she does not talks to me like she used to do, ignores me and says that I'm WRONG all the time.. another friend I have in School who is in my parallel class is against me too Really do not know what to do anymore..

We talked about the last school day before the exams. In our school the 9th grade usually waer a costume and then we talked about which costume we should wear. I am thinking about Sadako(The girl from the Ring), A Mimer or a manga character.. some of the boys in my class are seriusly thinking about dressing up like some Dragon ball characters.. REALLY!! Still laughing..

I am totally tired of paper fortelling.. after the two girls from my class did it the whole day I am sick of it.. not fortune telling and tarot cards and other magic fortune/foretell thing just only that paper exercise thing.. *siigh* I will make myself HAPPEH!

I'm done with Hana yori Dango season 2~~ so HAPPEH! Now I just have to watch the movie.. I am really hoping they are getting marred! Tsukasa already proposed! *__*
Hmm now I do not dislike TsukasaxMakino, and I still support RuixMakino. But It does not seem like Rui can forget Shizuka!~~ but they are cute together too.. please be together! and AkiraxOkami-chan! would be so cool! but I do not think it will be announced directly! and SoujirouxYuki.. I think they suit each other in their own weird way.. xD of course It is not necessary that they all are dating but I just think it could be so cute~ I would fangirl so muuuch! ♥ One thing to say I will start watching it tomorrow! ♥♥

Shugo Chara Encore the first Chapter! My brother told me about it! and when he told what happened I screamed and when I read it, I screamed so much!..... I thiink Ikuto appears in next chapter! *___* IKUUUTO! ♥♥♥♥ I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE KukaixUtau ♥ So Cute together! especially the Kissu! *A* I screamed so much I cannot wait to next chapter.. ♥ but I do not know when it comes out... so I just have to wait!! D:

I JUST DECIDED TO START READING DETECTIVE CONAN AGAIN! OwO even though there are 600+ chapters.. I love crime novel and detective stories. but I will se when I gets time to start~ ;A; I do not want to watch the anime TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.. ^^; and I think the manga is much better! ^^ so hehe~~ I hope I can start in the weekend~ ♥ I also find out there is a Live action(Drama) I am so much going to watch it!!! OMG~ Oguri Shun is Shinichi! ♥ Waaaaaaah Cannot waaaaait! I have a lot of things to do! ;A;

I borrowed the Harry potter and Memories of a geisha soundtracks too so I will be listening to a lot of soundtracks maybe I might be sad or maybe totally hyper! xD ♥

That might be all for today.. ^^;

Mood: Disappointed and have enough
Music: Alice - Avril Lavigne
Consuming: Air
Creativity: Colour Scan
Addicted to: Alice in Wonderland, Detective Conan and Shugo Chara
Doing: Sending a sms to a friend

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